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Paddle Partner Guide

Preparing for Tandem Kayaking With a Paddle


If you want to master kayaking, you should be willing to learn new things. One of the best ways of learning is by navigating through the waters while paddling alongside a partner. .


Kayaking dates back in the late 1980s BC. According to archaeologists, there is evidence to show that Eskimos made kayaks from light wooden frames and used them for hunting. If you are just getting into water adventures, a kayak is a small, light canoe-like boat made of a water resistant material or fabric that are held in place by a light frame.


Today's delaware river canoe trips have been significantly improved, ensuring the meet the needs of various water enthusiast. For example, there are recreational kayaks designed for one or two people. These kayaks are known as tandem kayaks. Read on to find out the techniques you need when paddling with a partner on tandem kayaks.


Preparing for Kayaking

There are some essential equipment you will need for kayaking. These include:


i)             Buoyancy aid

This is professional devices that enables kayakers and canoeists to float. The device is wearable and improves flexibility and mobility of the person wearing it. The buoyancy aid is one of the most important gears that a kayaker needs.


ii)            Kayaking helmets

These are strong helmets that kayakers should wear for protection. The helmets will protect you from hitting your head in shallow waters in case the kayak capsizes. When choosing a helmet, make sure it has a strong and durable chin guard and it fits tightly.


iii)           Paddles

These are the most important equipment during kayaking. The delaware gap camping you choose can significantly determine the quality of your ride. There are different paddles in the market. The paddles are made from various materials and are designed differently for left and right hand kayakers.


Tandem Kayaking

There are multiple occasions when tandem kayaking is perfect. If you and your partner are planning a trip down the lake at dawn or simply want to paddle in sync, tandem kayaking will be perfect. However, the kayaking requires a lot of practice, dedication, coordination, teamwork and patience. If these aspects are not considered, it is easy for you and your paddle partner to quickly lose control, which can lead to various mishaps. To avoid such circumstances, it is important to define the roles and responsibilities of you and your partner.


The above is an overview of how you should prepare for tandem kayaking with a paddle partner.